Monday, 29 February 2016

Repairs and servicing (and sunshine)

The last two weekends have been spent in the garage despite glorious sunshine most of this weekend. First the dreaded BMW, the clutch slave cylinder had me stressed, as always when you research these things some guys say its a 5 minute job, some a 5 hour job. Not sure why but I find working on the BMW onerous, I suppose because I DON'T EXPECT TO BE WORKING ON IT SO BLOODY MUCH! However in the end despite hitting my finger with a hammer (i'm now waiting for the nail to fall off) its fixed. The job involves the rear end removal and shock absorber removal and then rolling on the ground in positions yoga practitioners would be proud off and then using the hands of a female surgeon to extract and replace the item (Sara Pedersen, why weren't you here!) Its done and the sidebike lives again, (and for £120 in parts whereas the BMW shop in Passau quoted me 1500 Euros plus or minus 100!)  hopefully we can get a decent test ride done soon to make sure all is well but a short test showed its better than its ever been so I suspect its been on its way out for a while.

There it is hiding!
From the side, nope your not going in there
Some dismantling required
This weekend was a recommissioning of my V11 which has been in hibernation in a big poly bag in my brother John's garage since 2009. Funny I explained to Fiona that working on the Guzzi made me smile (generally) just like the Norton, maybe its familiarity but its an enjoyable and satisfying experience and by 2pm Sunday the Mandello mauler lived again, deep joy. So the list of bikes awaiting first aid is 2 down but the queue in casualty is still pretty long..............
I think I've worked it out, don't use your bike and it'll not wear out and need that would be boring
Hmm V11......nice
Oil filter must have been fitted by a Orang-utan
Nice engine with proper cylinders, an Italian masterpiece not like those floppy BMW things
I was ashamed I'd let the tyre get to this state
Easy access = big smiles


  1. Ha!
    ...those female surgeons don't work cheap.

    Greetings from Estes Park, CO -- still "riding along" with you...

    1. Ron
      Fantastic to hear from you, hope things are good with you? Fi & I were reminiscing of that day when I told her you had commented. Sicily this summer with plenty small trips also planned. My E mail is on the welcome tab on the front page, get in touch

      Gino & Fiona