Friday, 22 January 2016

Almost ready for the off, Elefanttreffen 2016

First apologies for the lack of updates recently but to be honest not much has been happening. Most of our energies have been around getting the sidecar and gear ready for the Elefanttreffen. This crazy idea has been in the back of our minds for a while, an evening at a bike rally last March led to further discussion then shortly afterwards we bought the outfit. I've done several mods to"winterise" it, matter of fact it seems to have been going on forever but here we are at last the night before the off, bike loaded and yes I've remembered the stoves!
Ferry tomorrow followed by a 300 mile run to Frankfurt on Sunday where we'll spend the night with Tomas and Andrea before heading towards the German Austrian border near Passau which is roughly where the rally is. A couple of nights at the rally then the run home, Just over a week off so looking forward to our first decent road trip since Belgium last August. Updates on a day to day basis will be on my twitter feed and I'll make sure I do a full report when we get back with plenty pictures, not sure what to expect but just like Monty Python's Spanish Inquisition we will always expect the unexpected. See you on the road sometime and always remember

"the sky is wide and it is a far cry to the world's end. The fire crackles fine o' nights below the firs, and the smell of roasting meat and wood smoke is dear to the heart of man. Fine, too, is the sting of salt and the risp of the north wind in the sheets. Come forth, one and all, to the great lands oversea, and the strange tongues and the fremit peoples. Learn before you die to follow the Piper's Son, and though your old bones bleach among grey rocks, what matter, if you have had your bellyful of life and come to your heart's desire?" And the tune fell low and witching, bringing tears to the eyes and joy to the heart; and the man knew (though no one told him) that this was the first part of the Rime, the Song of the Open Road, the Lilt of the Adventurer,which shall be now and ever and to the end of days".

John Buchan 
The rime of true Tomas


  1. Aye Fiona and Gino,
    Bon voyage!
    Regards, Myreside

  2. Aye Gino,
    Sorry to read of the tale of woe on 'Titter', that really is a scunner. Surprised that repair is considered, parts sale on return and the 'chair' attached to a Guzzi?!
    Safe journey home.
    Regards, Myreside

  3. Whit a bummer,guid thing is yin thing less oan the Bucket List.yir Beem broke doon in the richt country...take a photy o'ony rid faces.

    1. I should have listened to you Geordie, even an auld Triumph would have made it hame