Sunday, 6 December 2015

Lull in the Storm

After a horrendous week of rain and winds which has left hundreds of people homeless with flooding, and the closure of the Forth road bridge for the foreseeable future due to incompetence and mismanagement there was a blue sky today. The first blue sky in a while so we made the most of the day by wheeling out the sidecar and heading to see the Kelpies. We've been meaning to visit this engineering marvel for ages so today was a fine day for it. As we arrived we met Ian Ross who was with a contingent from the 2CV owners club, he is also a fellow sidecar owner who's also going to the Elephant rally in January, its a small world. The run home we went via Queensferry to take a photo of the closed bridge, The fact that the main arterial route linking the North to the South of Scotland is closed for at least the rest of the month is nothing short of a National disgrace, it is causing chaos and will continue to do so until its open again. What amazes me is that the government don't have a plan B ready for this eventuality, scurrying about now trying to come up with a plan isn't good enough, every large business should have a contingency plan for when they have a major failure, why don't the politicians and civil servants have a plan yet?
The good news is we had a great day out anyway and the plus side of the incompetence is that the Queensferry road now deprived of the bridge traffic was eerily quiet, a braw day oot.

Sunny day = happy smile
Ian took oor photo
2CV club lineup
A rainbow breaking over the Kelpies
A marvellous feat of engineering and art
One head up the other down
Selfie time
The calm after the storm
3 bridges in the distance, the only one working is the oldest and it only takes Trains

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