Sunday, 20 September 2015

More camping /Drinking/ Motorcycling

A weekend up North for a rally this week, Saturday a stunning ride up the A9 (not often you'll hear that!) Despite my moans about this road the part from Dunkeld to Pitlochry is very scenic, the facist government has installed average speed cameras all the way up but the good thing is the trucks can now do 50 mph so it appears to flow better, of course the cameras are all about revenue generation so let's not forget that. The hammering of the driving classes to attain the required tax take!
Clouds appeared along the Laggan road but the day was just excellent and no rain at all, there was a holdup and some very poor driving along Loch Lochay caused by the council or roads department doing "skid testing" with a big yellow truck which pours water on the road and some mechanism tells them if the surface is still grippy enough, I have an idea, sell the truck and use the money to pay someone to fill in some of the potholes and repair the roads. Seriously though this thing was a major hazard but mainly because of the dimwitted drivers who seem to struggle to drive sensibly when confronted with any hazard. We arrived at the site and set up camp, it was a small site and very busy with fellow rallyists, a great atmosphere and a great night again followed by a not so good morning!
The run home was frustrating due to idiotic driving by some motorhome drivers and the following line of cars and bikes, the wee Bemm's are pretty powerless so it was difficult to get past safely some of the time resulting in agonisingly slow processions through some of the best bends, not a happy bunny. Why did the Motorhome guy driving the old huge van have to brake around every corner despite him not being over 35mph, was it because he was afraid of spilling his tea? or losing his place in the newspaper he was obviously reading or was he having a dump in his porta potty whilst driving along? Bastards, why don't we tax them more? And if you have the latest bike with a gazillion horses ABS and traction control why ride with all your Johnny sensible pals at 50mph causing almost as much chaos as the hated Motorhome and Caravan idiots, so apart from these people daring to share my road we still had a good run home. Funny once again we bumped into Geoff Mumford and Heather at Spean bridge and had a pleasant breakfast with them despite Geoff talking about unsavoury stuff whilst I ate my breakfast with a hangover, my stomach wasn't great to start with!
I have to point out Geoff was piloting his Hardly Davidthing and was managing to get down the road faster than all of the dayglo johnies and that was 2 up and carrying luggage equivalent to a Tesco home shopping van! Now I just need to treble the horsepower on all my bikes and I'll be happy (for 5 minutes) Thanks to all for a great weekend, great banter with Norrie supplying the usual banter , we put the world to rights and Snibs was only drinking Coke, braw, where next?
Loch Laggan, very bonnie

One of my favourite roads

Plenty nonsense being talked

CX500 and chair but with a rigid rear end, yikes

And at the other end of the scale

Yamaha with the same sidecar

Laurenne parks the Indian, I think she was shouting "get me drink"

A nice view inside and out

Boss man Alan does the talking

Davie Clark winning best bike for his Commando, well done Dave!

This painting on the wall looked remarkably like Jock

Morning tea whilst waiting for the brain to kick back in

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