Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Still cold, still wet!

Apologies for the lack of updates recently but apart from getting cold and wet not much has been happening. The starter motor on the outfit has been changed (again) hopefully for the last time in our ownership. BMW quality is really a joke these days, for a starter motor to last about 10 starts before giving up the ghost is shocking, as a one off its acceptable but remember this motor replaced one which had done a maximum of 1000 miles. I do feel we as motorcyclists get taken for mugs quite often. The replacement starter was advertised a direct replacement, no modifications required however guess what, its isn’t and there are mods required, nothing major, in fact the cutting of another hole for the external battery post to mount. But once again we put up with stuff other consumers would baulk at.
Last weekend we took the Nortons up to a Triumph rally at Inveraray, a new event for us but some of the Triumph guys support our get togethers so I thought it was the decent thing to do, great to meet up with Davit T and Anne for a while and a good night was had by all in good company including die hard Triumph / BSA man George Martin. The rock and roll rockabilly band had us all rocking on the Saturday night and let us forget the rain coming down in buckets outside.
A very very wet run home on Sunday wasn’t that enjoyable to be honest, just makes life difficult. Fed up of the cold and wet now, hopefully we will get a bit warmer as this month goes on, if it stays this cold I’m looking to emigrate!!
I thought I’d mention a chap we met at Tarbet on Sunday, we spotted a sidecar outfit outside the cafĂ© and went up to speak to the owner, it was then I noticed the wheelchair stowed between the chair and the bike and the collapsible walking stick on the seat. This chap (I never got his name) was on a tour up from Oxford, he has multiple sclerosis and is slowly using the use of his legs but rather than give up motorcycling was using the sidecar, he recently added an electric gear shifter as his foot movement deteriorates  a more cheery positive guy I’ve not met even despite the weather and his illness. It makes you feel humble and grateful for good health. Rather than sit down and watch telly this weekend, think about it, get a life and get out there and do something!   

Nortons in a rare dry moment
Prizegiving, some left early on the Saturday due to the weather, shame it was a good night!
The one and only George Martin with his prize!
Band were ace
As evidenced with much energetic dancing!!

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