Sunday, 23 March 2014

Rally on the Loch

This weekend saw the 3rd Rally on the Loch, organised by the Loch Lomond club and the meeting just happened to be on an island in Loch Lomond. We took the main road to Stirling then cut across the back roads to Loch Lomond. Despite having travelled half way around the world we got lost in Balloch, we asked several people where the ferry left from but nobody knew, at this point I have to say it was rain and sleet weather with a biting wind. Of course because we were camping the spring like weather we have been enjoying gave way to wintry conditions again. Luckily Dennis Jackson spotted us wobbling round in the rain and led us to the ferry, thanks Dennis!
We left our bikes in a secure compound on the mainland and got the small passenger ferry across to the island, it appeared most of our usual team were partying in their tent with a vengeance, so much so that Snibs wins the early to bed prize after I believe a couple of spectacular falls, some throwing up and the result was night night at half six!
A great weekend with wonderful people, we met Gary from Belfast who is doing a Canada to Argentina trip later in the summer and were able to tell him some stories and offer advice, hopefully he gets a blog going so we can all follow his adventures down.
The usual overindulgence on Saturday night and luckily a sunny but cold morning. Great run home with another load of good memories and new friends made, motorcycling, ye canny whack it!!
Breakfast stop en route
Finally we find it
Bikes unloaded
Signing in, helmet storage as well, these guys are well organised
Bob having the first of many beers
Our ferry coming in to the pier
Snow on the hills
Geoff with his Harley beard (and he was on his Suzuki)
I think Fi is telling me to get a move on
Party and talking nonsense in full flow
Fellow Norton owner Davie Clark making a point.....
Bert and Laurenne ready for sleep, I never realised i was so boring.....
Sunshine on the pier
Part of the team getting the ferry back, more steam MacPhail!
And a stop for a pic of the Iconic Stirling Castle

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