Saturday, 16 November 2013

Bonnie Scotland

After almost a week back home it was time for a visit to my favourite place in Scotland, Applecross. This small village in the North West of Scotland has an attraction for most people who visit, those that aren't drawn back in my opinion have no soul.
Wonderful to catch up with our many friends there and to savour (or gulp) several whisky's. It was also a reminder just how stunning Scotland is, we have seen many amazing sights on our travels but here you see the majesty of nature without having to do thousands of miles in between attractions. I laughed as we crossed into the Cairngorms National park, no toll booth collecting money, nature here is free for all to enjoy and is all the better for it.
To our many friends we made in the last year, get yourself over the pond and visit us here, if your a motorcyclist I can guarantee the best roads anywhere, I can't guarantee the sunshine but hey ho you can't have it all.
Heading to Loch Laggan from Dalwhinnie and no we didn't stop at the Distillery
Applecross Bay
And again
Mountains keeping their dark secrets hidden
Stunning even in the cold and semi dark
OK it's not a bear or Moose or Elk but still impressive wildlife
Old machinery being used and not replaced, real environmental care
OK so I like sunsets
Fiona enjoying the air!


  1. Welcome home Gino, glad you both got home safe and well.