Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Busy week

Thursday already and not a minute wasted, recovering the Applecross bikes back into A1 condition and servicing them all. The fastback was first, as well as a service I had to call on Alex to weld the chainguard which was splitting, then replace the fork gaiter (and then I discovered someone in the dark and distant past had a fork seal in the wrong way round! Never seen that before and it wasn’t leaking that badly actually. Anyway its all back ready to go again. A visit to Mr Bloy to offer assistance with his latest Commando rebuild and then he helped me strip the chrome bits from my 88ss (pictured) and send them away for re chroming. The Roadster got my attention next, a service, fix the carb which caused problems at Applecross, a new Camshaft oil seal to stop the annoying oil leak and then because i’d disturbed the pick ups for the ignition one coil in the pick up wen’t open circuit, I replaced it with a spare but not before I renewed the wires as they were hard and brittle from years of living in a hot engine.
Having a small bike collection is nice but if you use them, they wear out, this creates work and profits for the Norton suppliers, sometimes I think I’m keeping them all in business single handed.

The Roadster ready to enjoy once again

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