Saturday, 25 June 2011

On the boat.

So thats us on the ferry now. Last night of the trip, just had to endure the usual ignorance from the DFDS deck hands who speak to you like your a piece of crap. A slap around the head would help focus their minds but then i'd be stuck in a jail no doubt. Its been a good trip catching up with loads of good friends but one of rain almost every day. Thats life on the road though, you need to get on with it and enjoy it all , just like life really. Great fun and i wonder if it'll be dry tomorrow!


  1. Despite the weather, and a few probs with bike, sounds like you had a great time. One of the areas I've had problems on my Norton is with vibration associated with exhaust system.Course, my bike has a lot of performance mods and that probably doesn't help. I've been thinking of coming up with a different method of mounting the exhaust system on mine. Did one of your mufflers crack? Wondered if you knew of any mods for this area? I've got an idea of building a "push in" racing type, with a different method of supporting the mufflers...once I get caught up with the other projects.

  2. Larry, great trip (always) unusual for the mufflers to break normally if they're mounted OK. It broke at the flange where the silencer just starts to get wider behind the clamp, very thin and I suppose its had a fair bit of abuse. No complaints, cheap to buy and easy to fit unlike some other stuff!!!!!