Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Guzzi breaks down shock horror

After a great weekend and having a sunny day to travel home the Breva decided it had had enough of me and broke down (23,000 miles) , it appears its not charging but it could be to do with my starting problem that reared its ugly head on Friday. Bottom line was I spent 4 hours at the Invergarry viewing point waiting for the breakdown truck, a nice place to stop but a bit boring for 4 hours. The bike is now home but a quick call around the dealers this morning showed there are no relays to be had in the country!! So tonight I'll be getting stuck into MVD to get it ready for the Guzzi rally this weekend, fork seal to change (a right PITA) and a good check over. The rest of my Guzzi's are without MOT and I don't have time before Friday to sort anything out so I'll be Norton mounted this weekend!
Great weekend though!

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