Monday, 8 November 2010

Getting colder

So the weekend was good, out on MVD on Saturday, its great to be on it again, because I have more than one my old faithful Norton gets a rest now and again but whenever I get back on it I just love it, just like a comfortable pair of shoes, it fits and feels good. A nice run down the back roads to Gifford for a birthday breakfast for Fiona who was enjoying the back of the Commando, then a wander about. The picture shows one of the streets, just on the turn between Autumn and Winter, another couple of weeks and there will be no leaves left on the trees. The run home also along the back roads ended up in torrential rain and darkness for the last 25 miles. The rain was so heavy that the roads were flooding, not good, the Commando gave a little stutter as it sped along the bypass, my backside tightened and I screwed the throttle open a bit more to try to make sure the sparks overcame the wetness. Luckily it did and I got home no problem, well apart from being rather damp! Sunday was nice and as I pulled my bike trousers on they had that horrible cold damp feeling so I wimped out and took the car! Sometimes you have to listen to your inner thoughts when they say "don't be an idiot, take the car, its cold outside!"
Bad day today, just took a bit of a hit on the stock market, the reccession isn't over yet, oh well you can't win them all, summer will be here soon enough!

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