Sunday, 25 April 2010

Scottish Classic Club Glenfarg meeting

Today started wet, just what you'd expect for a bike gathering anyway, the good thing was that at least it was reasonably warm. We took the old faithful up to Glenfarg for the meeting, MVD going well, I reflected on this on the way, the Commando (a well sorted one at least) is such a satisfying bike to ride. We arrived at the back of 12 and there was a fair selection of bikes both modern and classic. The A92 scooter club also turned up. Good to see the Norton guys there, sorry I never brought the fastback for you to compare Hector!
We had a pleasant blether over lunch and were joined by Norrie, Snibs and Ian on the way back from the Tam o Shanter Rally with stories to tell about Bob & Kates extreme drunkeness on the Friday night. Service in the Hotel was shocking, bad enough we were locals but what any tourists must think if they get the same treatment god only knows, it made Basil Fawlty from Fawlty towers look like first class service. The food when it arrived was good enough though. Altogether a grand day out and thanks to John & Graham for the organisation.

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