Wednesday, 9 December 2009

No as bad as it could be

Stripped the Guzz today that had the death rattle at the weekend, I found the UJ had exploded, very similar to the experience I had with my first Lemans many years ago (and it happened on the A1 as well!) So the gearbox seems shrapnel free, the filler plug has no metal attached and no nasties appeared out of the drain plug thankfully.

Bad news is the cost of the joint is now outrageous, 2 main Guzzi suppliers quoted £195 & £283.75 respectively. So sounding out the Guzzi community at large to see if someone can come up with a good secondhand one. It's not as bad as it could have been but at this time of year it's expense I could have done without.

Funny I sometimes think about the differences between my Guzzi's and Nortons, The Norton needs more TLC and parts more often but at least the parts generally dont require you to take out a mortgage. The Euro / £ exchange rate has got a lot to do with these ridiculous prices and that situation is down to the state of the UK economy which is particularly bad because of the banks. So a natural conclusion is that it the bankers fault that my Guzzi is off the road at the moment while I seek out a cheaper option ! Bankers, I always hated the bastards and now I hate them just a little bit more.

Just to add to the rant I heard the Chancellor just say he will put a 50% levy on bank bonuses over £25K this year..............£25K , how many of you get bonuses like that? The majority of these bankers and politicians should be in the jail for fraud anyway not getting big bonuses!! Then the price of my Guzzi spares may come down !

Gearbox although dirty appears fine

The UJ should be one piece and not have the exploded parts!!!


  1. try or teo lamers in nl. Quick and reliable. I like motospezial. MUCH cheaper than the UK. Though I bought my last two in the UK.

  2. ... oh and always change the bearing and the gaiter and pack the new UJ with grease and fill the gaiter with oil. So long as you don't keep them on the carpet!