Thursday, 12 November 2009

A cure for the winter blues

I hate Winter, thats official! When the nights get darker and there's the horrible dampness, coldness and even worse ice setting in it makes me depressed, not in a clinical way of course just my mind isn't as happy as in the summer. Anyway I got up today and went into the garage for a while then realised the sun had broken through the gloom so decided to seize the opportunity to get the old Guzzi out for a run. I must admit it lifted the spirits and I returned back with a smile on my face and my head in a better place. The roads were quiet as well and although there is evidence of the over active salt spreading routine the surface wasn't as bad as a few days ago. I could do with a job for the winter to keep me from going mad but then I couldn't take days like this out on my's a tough life!

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