Friday, 17 July 2009

July Meeting of the TVNOC

Well last nights Norton meeting was quiet, must be all those people on holiday! Three Nortons made it though, Phil has finally succumbed to the 36mm Mikuni Mod which he reports has helped the bike no end.

Preparing for the off to the International Rally in Austria at the moment, I used to enjoy getting organised before a trip but now it seems like hard work. Of course taking the Commando means much more than throwing a few clothes in a bag and taking off. You have to take a fair selection of tools and spares (just in case) My theory is if you cater for most eventualites then the trip should go smoothly. Well thats the theory anyway. Almost there though just the clothes to get organised (which isn't hard, 3 t shirts and a couple of pairs of socks and drawers!!) A good tip is when you return from a journey, figure out what you didn't need in the way of clothes and don't pack them again. There are washing facilities at all campsites so the opportunity is there to keep washing as you go along. I have been tempted to take a shower with that days clothes on and plenty soap to see if I can pioneer a new keeping clean formula for travellers but haven't done it yet. Of course if its warm then another method is to put soapy water in the topbox and let it wash the clothes as you ride along using the natural vibration to agitate the clothes but haven't tried that yet either. I'm sure there's scope for a clever inventor there.

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